The Bullhead City Elementary School District welcomes volunteers.  All parents can come and visit his or her child at the school.  Visitors must sign in at the front desk and wear a visitor's sticker visible to all employees while on campus.

The following three tiers specify the function and requirements for volunteering




Tier I

Parent in child's classroom.

Non-parent without direct student contact

Making copies for teacher; room setup

Complete Tier I Packet consisting of following forms:

Volunteer Information form

Confidentiality Requirement form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Download Tier I Packet

Tier II

Any activities from Tier I, Plus:

On or offsite with a certified staff member

Day field trips & direct student contact in classroom

Complete all forms in Tier II Packet (same forms as in Tier I) plus:

Request for Background check

Volunteer Credential Requirement (Must be Notarized)

Download Tier II Packet

Tier III

All activities from Tier I & II, plus:

On or offsite without a certified staff member

Overnight field trips; clubs; coaches

Complete all forms in Tier III Packet (same forms as in Tier I & II) plus:

Fingerprinting and DPS Clearance (Cost involved for fingerprinting and processing.)

Download Tier III Packet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why do I have to have a background check done if I am a parent in the District?

Tier II, III & coach volunteers are required to have a background check done prior to being cleared as a volunteer.  It is for the safety of our students

How long does it take for the Universal Background Screening to clear?

Between 24 to 72 hours and the results are sent directly to Human Resources.  Some states can take a little longer, depending on their court process.

How long does it take for fingerprints to clear?

It can take up to 8 to 10 weeks for the fingerprint to be processed through the Department of Public Safety.  The results are sent directly to Human Resources.

What is the cost of the Universal Background Screening and fingerprints?

There is no cost to the volunteer with the exception of the fingerprint requirement. (as of 12013, the cost for fingerprinting and processing is $35.00).  The school district processes and pay for the Universal Background Screening.

Where is my Volunteer application and personal information kept?

Human Resources has a secure file cabinet in their department where the completed volunteer application, background check, and fingerprint (if applicable) information is kept.

What happens to my information once the background and.or fingerprints are completed?

Human Resources updates and notified the school principal and secretary as soon as the results are received.

How long is the Volunteer application valid?

Universal Background Screenings are good for two years.  Fingerprint Clearance Cards are good for six years.  If a volunteer already has a Fingerprint Clearance Card, it is good as long as the expiration date on the card is still valid.