PowerSchool Parent Portal Info for Parents

What is PowerSchool Parent Portal?

PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students grades K-8th access to real-time information including attendance, grades and detailed assignment descriptions.  Once parents have created their account, they will be able to manage their account information, link any and all students to your account, and set email and notifications preferences for each student linked to your account.  If account sign-in information has been forgotten, it can be retrieved by using the auto-recovery feature on the sign-in page.

If your child attends Mohave High School, River Valley High School, or CRUHSD Academy, please refer to Synergy ParentVue for your child's information.

How to Log in to Parent Portal

To access PowerSchool Parent Portal, go to https://ps.crsk12.org/public/.  You will need to create an account.  Accounts are not created by the school district for parents.  You will need the Access ID and Password for each student you want to associate to your parent account.  If you do not have this information or have questions, contact your child's school.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Help

Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the Parent Portal?
A: The website location is https://ps.crsk12.org/public/.  It can be accessed at any time.

Q: I am a first time Parent Portal user, what information do I need?
A: You will need to get the Access ID and Password for each student you want to associate to your account.

Q: I have tried to login for the first time and I am unable to, what should I do?
A: Please consider the following:
  • Please make sure that you have crated a Parent Portal account.
  • The Access ID and Access Password that you received from your child's school is not your username and password.  The Access ID and Password are used to join your child to your account during the account creation process.
  • Please review the Parent Portal Quick Reference Guide for detailed instructions on creating a Parent Portal account.
Q: I have children in multiple grades and schools.  Will I need to create a separate Parent Portal account for each child?
A: No, you will be able to add all your children in Grades K-8th to your account at the time the account is created and/or after creating the account.  If you have children in High School, you will need a separate account for their gradebook system - ParentVue.

Q: Can individual parents/guardians have their own user accounts?
A: Yes, individual parents can have their own user accounts.  The requirements for creating a Parent Portal account include a valid unique email address, a unique username, and your child's school issued Access ID and Access Password.  You will not be able to create two or more separate Parent Portal accounts using the same email address and/or username.

Q: Do I need a new username and password each year if my child is returning?
A: No, all login information will remain active as long as your child is a student in the school district.

Q: If my child changes schools within the district, do I need to create a new Parent Portal account?
A: No, you do not need to create a new account.  Your child's information in PowerSchool will follow the child to the new school in the district.

Q: If my child leave the district for another district that uses PowerSchool Parent Portal, will my account transfer to the new school district?
A: No, the Bullhead City Elementary School District system is independent and does not share information with other school district directly.

Q: What happens to my Parent Portal account if my child graduates or permanently leaves the district?
A: Your Parent Portal account will be deactivated.

Q: Can students login to PowerSchool Parent Portal?
A: Yes, students use the same website, https://ps.crsk12.org/public/, but they do not create an account.  They are given a username and password by their school.