Parent Resources

Colorado River Schools teachers have put together resources so parents can assist their children with what's happening in the classrooms.

This link will take you to the Parent Resources.

How the Resources are Organized

The Resources are divided into Subject Categories.  Click the subject you want.



Once you have chosen a subject, the resources are now divided by grade level.  The number in the parentheses shows how many resources are in that category.

Grade Levels


In the grade level, you might find the resources divided into more specific categories.

Specific Categories


This is what the list of resources might look like inside a category.

List of Resources

Click the resource you would like to view. 

On the new screen, you will see the name of the resource and any details the teacher might have added.  Click the name of the resource to open it.



To go back, you can either use your browser’s back button or follow the links listed above the resources.  For example, if I wanted to go back to Math, I would just need to click on Math in the breadcrumb trail.


Downloadable Directions