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Student Online Registration Open for 2020


1. Please watch the PowerPoint.

2. Look at your grade level Registration for 2020 sheet.
      Seniors 2020
      Juniors 2020
      Sophomores 2020
3. Go to your StudentVue and select your electives.

4.  Freshmen 2020  Please click on the link, read the instructions and choose your electives. 
                                           Freshman Electives.

River Valley

1. Please look and listen to the PowerPoint.  (Student that are 10th, 11th and 12th grade next Year)

2. Then go to your StudentVue and select your electives.

3.  Freshmen 2020-21  Please the link to choose your electives.  Freshman Electives

How to Video


In-person model

Students will:

  • follow all safety protocols, correctly wearing face coverings indoors and outside.
  • maintain as much physical distance as possible, sitting in assigned seats in the classroom and practicing social distancing while passing or at lunch. There will be 2 lunch periods to allow for social distancing.
  • utilize their own school supplies and keep their belongings separate or in their backpack throughout the day.
  • not snack or chew gum during class hours (unless required by medical condition).
  • be encouraged to sanitize and/or wash their space when they enter/exit into class.
  • be allowed to bring their own personal device for academic use.
  • exceptional needs student schedules will be IEP driven

Online model

Students will:

  • understand that attendance is expected on a daily basis.

    • Students are expected to remain with the online model until the end of the semester (exceptions will be handled by the principal on a case-by-case basis).
    • If for any reason class is missed, it is the student’s responsibility to reach out to the instructor to determine what is missed.
  • participate in instruction for the full period (65 minutes), with camera on so the instructor can see student.
  • communicate with teachers and/or school staff what is working and what is not.
  • follow district technology expectations and guidelines.
  • know and access the school support structures for technology and digital curriculum as needed.
  • understand that all classes are recorded and microphones may be “live” at all times.
  •  exceptional needs student schedules will be IEP driven

Non-instructional time

All Students and Staff:

  • follow all safety protocols, e.g. correctly wearing face coverings indoors and outside
  • maintain as much physical distance as possible, especially during passing periods
  • no outside food delivered by businesses to the schools (limit parent food deliveries)
  • follow directional flow as prescribed by each campus

Flow chart for symptomatic students...

Daily Cleaning

  • If you need disinfecting spray and paper towels – email [email protected]
    • Anticipate supply needs and order through ABM Services
  • If you need hand sanitizer – email [email protected] (MHS) or [email protected] (RV).
  • Teachers MUST spray surface in the classroom – students can wipe down workspaces.
  • Staff and students are required to stay in their assigned areas/classrooms.
  • AC Filters are cleaned on a quarterly rotation.
  • Notify ABM for extra usage of classrooms or spaces.
  •  Teacher will spray surfaces – students may wipe down surfaces

Teacher Expectations...


  • Leave well developed plans for subs
  • Space desks as far apart as possible
  • Seating chart needs to be created for class and enforced
  • Make visual contact with students who are online and unable to make it to class
  • One student at a time is permitted out of the classroom (disposable passes)
  • Subbing other classes during prep
  • Labs, Fine Arts, PE


Office Hours

Mohave High School 
 Math  8am - 10am  Monday and Wednesday
 Science  9am - 11am  Monday and Wednesday
 English  10am - 12 noon  Monday and Wednesday
 Social Studies  11am - 1pm  Monday and Wednesday
 SPED  12 noon - 2pm  Tuesday and Thursday
 CTE  1pm - 3pm  Tuesday and Thursday
 All forms of the Arts,
 Foreign Language,
 2pm - 4pm  Tuesday and Thursday


River Valley High School
 English, PE,
 and SPED
 9am - 11am          Monday and Wednesday 
 Social Studies
 Foreign Language     
 11am - 1pm  Monday and Wednesday
 9am - 11am  Tuesday and Thursday
 Fine Arts
 11am - 1pm  Tuesday and Thursday

Educational Opportunities

Khan Academy
Actively Learn


ELL Resources 
 50 Valuable ELL Resources
 ESL Kids World 
 Unite for Literacy 
 COVID-19 Remote Learning Resources

Arizona State Standards

English Language Arts Math  Science 
Social Studies Educational Technology Computer Science 
Arts Education  Health  Physical Education