The mission of the Bullhead City Elementary School District Transportation Department is to provide safe and efficient transportation to the students of Bullhead City Elementary School District.

We provide bus transportation to students who reside one mile or more away from the school of attendance. Forty buses travel in excess of 1,500 miles and transport more than 3,800 students daily. This department supports all district transportation needs, including special needs transportation, accommodating all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs and providing vehicles for employees to attend workshops and conferences. As always, safety is our number one consideration as we establish bus routes and provide student transportation.


 William Bailey 
Director of Transportation  
 Patricia Frasure    
Assistant Director of Transportation 
 Megan Rubalcaba Transportation Secretary  

Important Transportation Policies                       

Regulations Governing Students Riding School Buses

1.    Students must remain in their seats at all times.

2.    Students should be courteous in their language and profanity is prohibited.

3.    The bus isle is to be open and clear at all times.

4.    Students must keep arms, hands, and heads inside the bus at all times.

5.    Students must not throw any objects in/out of windows or in the bus.

6.    Students caught vandalizing the bus will be required to pay for damage or repairs.

7.    Students may be assigned seats by the bus driver.

8.    School buses stop only at authorized stops.

9.    The school/bus driver will instruct students howto cross in front of the bus.

10.  No hazardous item shall be carried on the bus, including but not limited to:animals, skateboards, scooters, glass objects, flammables, weapons of any sort,etc.

11.  Students who refuse to promptly obey the directions of the driver may forfeit their right to ride the bus.


Regulations Governing Students While at the Bus Stop

1.    Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due to arrive.  The driver will not wait at the bus stop past the pickup time.  If the bus driver arrives early to the stop he/she will wait until the scheduled time of arrival.

2.    Always walk to the bus stop.  Never run.

3.    Stop and look both ways if you must cross the street.

4.    Respect private property.  Do not throw trash, bottles, cups, etc.on the ground.

5.    While at the bus stop, do not stand, play or congregate in the traffic street.

6.    School conduct rules apply at all bus stops and while riding the bus.

The bus driver is responsible for maintaining discipline on the bus and at bus stops. Consequences for misbehavior will be administered by school administrators.  Misbehavior on the bus or at the bus stop can result in suspension or termination of bus privileges and suspension from school. Riding the bus is a privilege, not aright. The students who persists in misbehaving on school buses, jeopardizes the safety of themselves and everyone on the bus.


Busing information for Parents of Special Education Students





 Coyote Canyon School   
 (928) 758-4909
 1820 Lakeside Dr.
 Desert Valley School
 (928) 758-6606
 1066 Marina Blvd.
 Diamondback Elementary
 (928) 758-6858
 2550 Tesota Way
 Sunrise Elementary  (928) 754-1815  2645 Landon Dr.
 Bullhead City Middle School  (928) 758-3921  1062 Hancock Rd.
 Fox Creek Jr. High
 (928) 702-2500
 3101 Desert Sky Blvd.
 Mohave High School  (928) 758-3916  2251 Highway 95
 River Valley High School  (928) 768-2300       2250 E. Laguna Rd.   


Bus Routes
 Desert Valley  Mohave High School
 Diamondback  River Valley High School
 Bullhead City Middle School  
 Fox Creek Junior High