Technology Mission

The Mission of Bullhead City School District Technology Department is to support comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities that leverage technology. We support District staff and teachers in creating technology-based opportunities designed to develop student potential in the areas of academic ability, vocational awareness, cultural appreciation, physical well-being, social development, and community contribution.

Technology in Action

The use of technology at Bullhead City School District is developed to support the district’s focus on student achievement. The technology program is not only geared for academic growth, but also emotional development and an understanding of the use of technology. Lower school grades utilize technology to supplement and enhance material they are learning in core-subject classes. In our junior high schools, technology becomes more comprehensive with sophisticated methods of technology use. Students are expected to utilize technology in a responsible manner, so as to enhance their academic experience without inviting distractions into the classroom. Access to a mobile lab allows teachers to bring computers into the classrooms to augment specific units, initiating cross-curricular learning and illustrating different ways of conceptualizing complex ideas. As the school adds more sophisticated methods of technical use, the staff and faculty periodically re-visits how technology is used to ensure that all means are in place to support the dynamic philosophy of an integrated technology program.

Technology Personnel

James McNutt
 Jared White 
Bullhead City Schools
Director of Technology

 Colorado River Union High
Director of Technology
[email protected]
[email protected]
928.704.5756 / ext 1071
 928.219-3078 / ext 1078 
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