Mainstream Program with Individualized Language Learner Plan (ILLP)

All subjects (except foreign language) are taught in English. The instruction includes:

  • Language Arts in English
  • Math, science, social studies in English

Program Description
Students in this program develop the ability to speak, read, and write in English. Entry and exit from the Individual Language Learner Program (ILLP) determined by the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. The ILLP is a written plan to provide four (4) hours of English Language Development.  Eligible students are placed with non-ELL students in a mainstream English classroom.  Instruction is provided by a SEI trained teacher, a bilingual education endorsed or ESL endorsed teacher.

Textbooks, materials, and assessments in English and aligned to the Arizona K-12 English Language Learner Proficiency Standards. Classroom materials appropriate for the students’ level of English language proficiency.