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Arizona K-12 Standards Common Definitions

   AZ K-12 Standards Common Definitions

- What a student needs to know, understand, and be able to do by the end of each grade.  Standards build across grade levels in a progression of increasing understanding and through a range of cognitive demand levels.  Standards are adopted at the state level by the State Board of Education.

Curriculum - The resources used for teaching and learning the standards.  Curricula are adopted at a local level by districts and schools.  Curricula include scope and sequence of K-12 standards and/or learning objectives/targets aligned to the state standards.  Comprehensive curricula are necessary to plan the pace of instruction, align standards and grade level expectations horizontally and vertically, set district assessment and professional development calendars and guide teachers as they deliver instruction.

Instruction - The methods and processes used by teachers in planning, instruction and assessment.  Instructional techniques are employed by individual teachers in response to the needs of the student sin their classes to help them progress through the curriculum in order to master the standards.

Assessment - The process of gathering information about student learning to inform education related decisions.  Assessments can reflect a wide variety of learning goals/targets using a range of methods serving many important users and uses at a variety of levels from the classroom to the boardroom.  In this sense, assessment is an essential part of informing the teaching and learning process.

Curriculum and Instruction Staff

Jennifer Lott, Director of Educational Services

Darolene Brown, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology
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We invite you to download the materials below to help with your curriculum and instruction planning.

  Instructional Process Overview
  Principles of Effective Teaching

District Curriculum Calendars/Pacing Guides

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
 Spalding Reading Semester 1 - All Subjects  Semester 1 - All Subjects 
 Spalding Writing  Semester 2 - All Subjects Semester 2 - All Subjects 
 Science/Social Studies    

Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
 All Subjects ELA (Reading/Writing)  Reading/Writing/Math 
   Spalding  Science
   Math  Social Studies
  Social Studies   

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
 Math  Math Math
 Science  Science Science
 Social Studies  Social Studies  Social Studies


Vocabulary Lists

Math   Language Arts  Science  Social Studies
 K-5  K-5  K-5  K-5
 6-8  6-8  6  6-8

Testing Information

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