Opportunities and Resources

Student Online Registration Open for 2020


1. Please watch the PowerPoint.

2. Look at your grade level Registration for 2020 sheet.
      Seniors 2020
      Juniors 2020
      Sophomores 2020
3. Go to your StudentVue and select your electives.

4.  Freshmen 2020  Please click on the link, read the instructions and choose your electives. 
                                           Freshman Electives.

River Valley

1. Please look and listen to the PowerPoint.  (Student that are 10th, 11th and 12th grade next Year)

2. Then go to your StudentVue and select your electives.

3.  Freshmen 2020-21  Please the link to choose your electives.  Freshman Electives

How to Video


1.  Teachers must continuously monitor their email during work hours 
2.  Two graded assignments per week, with needed differentiation (Special Education) and feedback provided
3.  Weekly input of grades into Synergy 
4.  Lesson plans to be uploaded to Synergy every Monday 
5.  Office hours to be scheduled by Administration - phone, video, email, web platform, and encouraging all modes of communication based on comfort level (On-line assistance provided to all parents) 
6.  Teachers must emphasize completing missing assignments 
7.  Standards-based essential skills only - no busy work; ELA and Math base instruction on Benchmark Data 
8.  ENCOURAGE student creativity through performance based activities 
9.  Faculty attendance is required, telephonically, at scheduled meetings to provide input for lesson design for our Exceptional Students 

Office Hours

Mohave High School 
 Math  8am - 10am  Monday and Wednesday
 Science  9am - 11am  Monday and Wednesday
 English  10am - 12 noon  Monday and Wednesday
 Social Studies  11am - 1pm  Monday and Wednesday
 SPED  12 noon - 2pm  Tuesday and Thursday
 CTE  1pm - 3pm  Tuesday and Thursday
 All forms of the Arts,
 Foreign Language,
 2pm - 4pm  Tuesday and Thursday


River Valley High School
 English, PE,
 and SPED
 9am - 11am          Monday and Wednesday 
 Social Studies
 Foreign Language     
 11am - 1pm  Monday and Wednesday
 9am - 11am  Tuesday and Thursday
 Fine Arts
 11am - 1pm  Tuesday and Thursday

Educational Opportunities

Khan Academy
Actively Learn


ELL Resources 
 50 Valuable ELL Resources
 ESL Kids World 
 Unite for Literacy 
 COVID-19 Remote Learning Resources

Arizona State Standards

English Language Arts Math  Science 
Social Studies Educational Technology Computer Science 
Arts Education  Health  Physical Education