IDEA-Paraprofessional Tuition Assistance Grant –Year 2

Paraprofessional Tuition Assistance Grant-Year 2- Target Area-Speech Therapy

Special Education Competitive Grant. This grant assists school districts in “growing your own” professional staff in hard to fill special education positions by providing college tuition and book fees for the students as they work on their bachelor’s degree.  This is a continuation of a grant provided to a staff member to complete their bachelors in Speech and Language Therapy. For each year the grant provides tuition reimbursement, they commit to a specific number of years of service to the district once the degree is complete. If they leave before that time, they must return the tuition and book fees which the district returns to the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services unit. Arizona Department of Education will inform the district before the start of the school year if they have been selected for this grant. For information about this grant, contact Alisa Burroughs, Director of Special Services.