Admin and Staff

Meet Our Administration & Staff

The Colorado River Union High School Administration welcomes you.  As administrators for our district, we are committed to providing our community, our students, and their parents with the services and educational programs that will allow every child in our district to reach his or her highest potential.

The members of our administrative team are listed below.  However, if you'd like to contact a specific department for information or assistance, please visit our Departments page.

Our District Administrators

Monte Silk

Phone: (928) 758-3961
 Sally Espinoza
 Director of Special Services

 Phone: (928) 758-3961 Ext: 1044


 Roni Hart
 Business Manager

 Phone: (928) 219-3005

 *About Roni
 Gina Covert
 Director of Career & Technical Education

 Phone: (928) 758-3961


 Darolene Brown
 Director of Instructional Technology Integration

 Phone: (928) 219-3019

 *About Darolene
 Jared White
 Director of Information Technology

 Phone: (928) 758-3961 ext. 1078


 Troy Heaton
 CRUHSD Academy Director

 Phone: (928) 299-5070


 Alex Mayo
 Director of Food Service

 Phone: (928) 219-3120


 William Bailey
 Director of Transportation

 Phone: (928) 704-5741

Our School Administrators

 Mohave High School
 Steve Lawrence

 Phone: (928) 758-3916                                                                                            

 *About Steve

 James Armijo
 Assistant Principal

 Phone: (928) 758-3916

 *About James

 Duane Scofield
 Assistant Principal

 Phone: (928) 758-3916

 River Valley High School
 Dorn Wilcox

 Phone: (928) 768-2300

 *About Dorn

Deann Osuna  
 Deann Osuna
 Assistant Principal

 Phone: (928) 768-2300