The Bullhead City Elementary School District and Colorado River Union High School District are seeking proposals for FY2020 (School Year 2020-21) E-Rate Internal Connections.


RFP deadline for questions is April 10, 2020.  The RFP due date is April 20, 2020 at 2:00PM local (AZ) time.

RFP Documents  
  BCESD FY2020 Internal Connections RFP
  CRUHSD FY2020 Internal Connections RFP
   Above two RFPs are closed.
  BCESD FY2020 Network Equipment & Cabling
  Attachment 1 - Floor Plan
  Attachment 2 - Pictures

Please direct all questions to  The deadline for questions is February 27, 2019.  All questions and answers will be posted on this web page.

Q:  I wanted to check to see if you will only accept Ruckus or if we can submit a [Different Manufacturer] product through a partner?

A:  This question and answer can apply to both BCESD and CRUHSD RFP's.  As stated in the RFP: "Vendors are welcome to quote other equipment.  If a vendor quotes other equipment, it is up to the vendor to provide documentation to show their equipment is functionally equal to the specified equipment and to show the value to the district."  I would add that if a vendor quotes a different manufacturer's equipment, the vendor MUST provide all hardware required to make the solution work.  For instance:  If a vendor were to quote a different manufacturers access point; and to get the same functionality as our Ruckus APs specified a manufacture wireless controller is required; the vendor would be required to quote the required wireless controller, licensing, and potentially configuration services.

Q:  Is it acceptable to bid on "Section 1: Network Equipment" and installation without bidding "Section 2: Cabling"?

A:  Yes.  Each section will be scored and awarded separately.

Q:  Due to the recent CV-19 quarantine will the District consider receiving responses electronically?

A:  Due to COVID-19, the Bullhead City Elementary School District Superintendent has approved the following process for responding to the BCSD E-Rate RFP. 

First, any vendor may follow the process outlined in the RFP without any penalty or advantage.  Vendors who follow this process or the process in the RFP are considered equal.

Vendors MAY also use the following optional electronic submittal process:

  1. Vendors may email a completed proposal to with the following requirements
    1. The response must be submitted as a file attachment
    2. The attachment MUST be password protected and not readable without the password
    3. The password MUST not be in the same email as the attachment
    4. The attachment MUST be received by BCESD's email provider before the RFP deadline - BCESD will not be responsible for non-deliverable email, delayed email, blocked email, or any other technical issue that may arise with delivery.  It is completely the responsibility of the vendor to ensure the attachment is delivered and received on time.
    5. Electronic submittals received after the deadline will not be considered.
    6. BCESD urges all vendors using electronic submission to submit well ahead of the deadline.
  2. James McNutt will confirm with each vendor using this method that the submittal was received as soon as possible after the proposal was received.
    1. After receiving a response, James McNutt will print a copy of the email from the vendor, showing the date/time received, the name of the attachment, etc.
    2. A copy of the file will be transferred to a flash drive and attached to the printout
    3. A district representative will stamp the printout received with the date and time, and the representative will initial the printout.
  3. Because BCESD is unable to verify the contents of a password protected file, the file received by BCESD shall be considered the vendor's official response.  The vendor shall be responsible for the contents of any file.
    1. When the district attempts to open the file; if the file is determined to be not password protected, the response will be determined as non-compliant and will not be considered.
  4. BCESD shall only use industry accepted, free tools to access any file:  Such as 7-Zip and Adobe Acrobat Reader.  BCESD shall not be required to install any unsafe or potentially unwanted program to open password protected files.
  5. After the deadline of the RFP vendors shall communicate the password required to open the attachment.  Vendors will not be able to replace the attachment after the deadline, only provide the password to open the attachment.
    1. BCESD requests that vendors provide the password within 30 minutes after the deadline, but will allow up to 48 hours for vendors to provide the password
    2. After 48 hours any vendor that has not provided the password shall be considered non-responsive
    3. BCESD will respond ASAP to any vendor who provides a password to let the vendor know if the opening of the attachment was successful or not.
  6. After the deadline, BCESD may request a non-password protected version of any document; but only if the district can verify the non-password protected document matches the password protected document received before the deadline.  At all times, the password protected document shall be the official response.



Q:  The website shows a due date of April 20th at 2:00PM and the RFP states the due date is April 17th at 2:00PM.  Which is the correct date?

A:  Due to this clerical oversight, the Superintendent of Schools has agreed to consider any properly submitted response received before April 20, 2020, 2:00PM MST as submitted in time.  Please accept the district apologies for any confusion this may have caused.