The Bullhead City Elementary School District and Colorado River Union High School District are seeking proposals for FY2020 (School Year 2020-21) E-Rate Internal Connections.


RFP deadline for questions is April 10, 2020.  The RFP due date is April 20, 2020 at 2:00PM local (AZ) time.

RFP Documents  
  BCESD FY2020 Internal Connections RFP
  CRUHSD FY2020 Internal Connections RFP
   Above two RFPs are closed.
  BCESD FY2020 Network Equipment & Cabling
  Attachment 1 - Floor Plan
  Attachment 2 - Pictures

Please direct all questions to  The deadline for questions is February 27, 2019.  All questions and answers will be posted on this web page.

Q:  I wanted to check to see if you will only accept Ruckus or if we can submit a [Different Manufacturer] product through a partner?

A:  This question and answer can apply to both BCESD and CRUHSD RFP's.  As stated in the RFP: "Vendors are welcome to quote other equipment.  If a vendor quotes other equipment, it is up to the vendor to provide documentation to show their equipment is functionally equal to the specified equipment and to show the value to the district."  I would add that if a vendor quotes a different manufacturer's equipment, the vendor MUST provide all hardware required to make the solution work.  For instance:  If a vendor were to quote a different manufacturers access point; and to get the same functionality as our Ruckus APs specified a manufacture wireless controller is required; the vendor would be required to quote the required wireless controller, licensing, and potentially configuration services.

Q:  Is it acceptable to bid on "Section 1: Network Equipment" and installation without bidding "Section 2: Cabling"?

A:  Yes.  Each section will be scored and awarded separately.

Q:  ?

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