Bullhead City School District

The Bullhead City School district was founded in 1948, with the building of a one room, "Little Red School House."  The district now includes six schools, four elementary and two junior high schools. Our modern facilities serve nearly 4,000 students, kindergarten through eighth grades. Our basic geographic service area is the City of Bullhead Arizona and our land mass area is approximately 115 square miles. 

It is the goal of the Bullhead City School District to provide quality services that meet the individual needs of its student population. Principals and teachers work collaboratively with parents and students to establish procedures that enhance learning and contribute to a positive school climate. Our district's well-trained staff provides an array of services through traditional means, special services and alternative programs.

Services & Special Programs

Nearly 70% of our students are transported with a short bus ride of 10 to 20 minutes. Breakfast and lunch programs are available to all students, as are health, counseling, and nutrition services. Title I, Special Education, Gifted, and ELL programs are also in place. Working together with the BHC Police Department and "Safe Schools" grants, we share School Resource Officers among our sites. Both the Bullhead City Parks and Recreation Department and the Boys and Girls Club of Colorado River offer after-school activities.

Bullhead City Mission Statement

The mission of the Bullhead City Elementary School District is to provide a student-centered environment that cultivates character, promotes academic excellence, and embraces diversity.  Students will achieve to their maximum potential and become productive citizens who provide a lasting contribution to our society.

Belief Statements

We believe that all students should expect success in their academic achievement and goals.

We believe that lifelong learning is nurtured through family, school, and community.

We believe that all students should understand the core values and governing principles upon which this country was founded.

We believe that academic instruction should translate into student success.

We believe that all students, through hard work and accountability, should reach their academic potential every day.

We believe that all students should be supported in a safe and caring learning environment.