Welcome Message from Dr. Carolyn W. Stewart, PhD, Superintendent

Students, Parents, Community, and Visitors:

Welcome to School Year 2019-2020! 

Grateful to the many people who encouraged me to do so, I am very happy to return to the Bullhead City Elementary School District ~ this time as Superintendent.  The future of our children has been a driving force in our community since long before Bullhead City’s incorporation 35 years ago.  Bullhead City Elementary School District continues its 70+ year commitment to that vision. 

Many components of that commitment have been in place for a long time:  excellent teachers, a dedicated Governing Board, high expectations for student success as life-long learners and future community members, and a focus on continuous enhancement of instructional programs and practices. 

This year we will advance that commitment:  expansion of the Amplify/Engage New York language arts program K-8th grades; full implementation of the nationally-recognized Eureka math program K-8th grades; restructured programs for interventions for struggling students as well as for enrichment of excelling students; and less but more data-rich testing.  Before the end of 2019, a long-range Strategic Planning Team consisting of BCESD teachers and other employees, parents, and community members will begin to map our future.

We also welcome enthusiastic new principals and assistant principals at Sunrise Elementary School and Fox Creek Junior High as well as a new curriculum/professional director at the District Office who have already become part of the collaborative districtwide leadership team.  I encourage you to introduce yourselves to them and get to know them.  Please continue to give all our site leaders your support.

Stay current with BCESD district and individual school site activities on our websites and by attending Governing Board meetings the third Thursday of each month.  While I plan to spend a good amount of time out on campuses to stay in touch with the real work as well as handling the leadership and administrative roles as Superintendent, I welcome phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations.  I look forward to frequent opportunities to interact with you outside school and district settings as well.

One Community ~ One Vision ~ One Reality


Carolyn W. Stewart, PhD
Bullhead City Elementary School District

Dr. Stewart